Reidunn  Jetne  Edelmann

born 1974, TromsÝ (Norway)
medical doctor, now doing a PhD in Oslo (Norway)

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Philip  Edelmann

born 1975, Prien am Chiemsee (Germany)
medical doctor in Oslo (Norway)

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1992 / 1993                    Basic Pilot Training in gliders (ASK21, K8)
with attachment A - C 

1993                                Flight Radiotelephone Operatorís and Navigatorís Certificate (BZF1), English / German

1995                                Sport Pilot Licence (SPL)

2000                               Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A) for single engine aircrafts up to 2000 kg

2002                                CVFR-Instrument-Training (Licence for controlled flights in Airspace C and above Flight Level 100)

2004                                JAR-FCL (European Flight Crew Licence)

2008                                FAA Private Pilot Licence (certificate for N-reg. aircrafts, USA)